Pros and Cons of High rise and Low rise apartments


Pros and Cons of High rise and Low rise apartments

Deciding between high rise and low rise apartments is one of the biggest discussion for any homebuyer. While choosing between these skyscrapers high rise and low rise apartments, consider the following things listed below. This might help you set a vivid view of both the elements.

Pros and Cons of High rise and Low rise apartments

Apartment’s location:

Location is the foremost thing every home buyer to consider while purchasing a property. Low-rise apartments are generally developed in residential locations. So the connectivity from the location is easily accessible to the neighboring areas. In Chennai, the high-rise apartments are mostly found in the areas like OMR, Porur, and ECR. These are the well-developed industrial areas with top-notch companies. This makes young professionals easy to find high-rise apartments closer to their workplaces. While the low-rise apartments in OMR are only discovered in a few residential localities which serves the best amenities in gated communities.

Buy the view, not the fame

The biggest difference between the high rise and low rise apartments is the high-rise can gift you with a better view. Since they are multi-storey, these apartments are more accessible to light and airflow. In these cases, cross-ventilation works advantageously than low-rise apartments. Meanwhile, low-rise apartments are not so ventilation-friendly and less accessible to lighting as well. Sometimes these low-rise apartments can be a great advantage. For example, you can find more open space to let in light with good aeration in a gated community location. This is why most of the low-rise Apartments in OMR, ECR, and Porur are gaining popularity and the builders are focusing more on open space.

The features and amenities are a part of the lifestyle

Comparatively, high-rise bags the advantage of having classy premium amenities. The amenities found in the high-rise apartments are always more. Because of the fact that, it is a part of a larger gated community. A premium clubhouse, swimming pools, gym, stores, cafe, ATM, laundry services and so on. But you cannot expect the same features from a low-rise apartment community. However, this might be an advantage if the low-rise is a part of a larger community with other residential property. I found some flats in OMR where it is a part of a big gated community with premium villas. In this case, you could find all the amenities similar to a high-rise.

The life in the community

In high-rise apartments, social interactions are more. Most these Luxury apartments in Chennai have more residents, thus leading an open gate for friendly interactions. Although people are occupied with work and stuff, clubhouse and other meditation halls are a way to gather people in a place during weekends. So, life in community lifestyle is socially active in the high-rise apartments. While low-rise apartments in a serene environment have fewer residents, but this is not a disadvantage completely. Fewer neighbors mean long-term friendships.

How much does the price tag say?

In comparison, the low-rise apartment units cost you less than high-rise apartments. On the other hand, high-rise apartment units vary from floor to floor. The cost of the top floor in a high-rise cost you plenty than the bottom floors of the building. However, besides all these, if the high rise and low rise apartments are developed in a well-developed location, it would cost you the same somewhat with a little variation. In conclusion, both types have pros and cons. At the end of the day, it all depends on a person’s personal perception and preferences only.

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