Inventive Ways to Employ the Empty Balcony Space


Inventive Ways to Employ the Empty Balcony Space

With a massive increase in the number of residential housing projects in the majority of the metros, the need to accommodate every housing need of individuals has been gradually decreasing. There is an option for every individual in every price range that has made housing plans feasible for almost every income group.

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The next step after acquiring or even building the dream home would be to adorn it with most beautiful accessories and decors to make the unit come alive. Such decors can be either created with little creativity or handpicked from the stores. While doing so, a majority of people neglect the rarely used spaces due to its reduced importance in contributing to the look of the unit.

But paying importance to such places or corners of the unit would really help to ramp up the aesthetic beauty of the unit. One such place would be the small balcony area that manages to be present in almost every household of apartments in Chennai. Read on to explore the ideas that can be imparted in decorating these tiny spaces.

Potteries and statues

Having these decors anywhere would definitely bring about pleasing and serene ambience. Make use this idea to brighten up the tiny balcony area to plant up some low-maintenance saplings. This setup would create the extended outside environment feel when you walk up to the balcony from the bedroom. Also, this would ensure a pleasant feel and the sight to wake up to these greenery plants would always feel good.

Other than pots, complement this setup with rarely used statues to give the ancient feel. As a general suggestion, go for the unusual pot colours such as blue tones and even black ones to give a creative look.

Dining setup

This could be possible in case of spacious balcony areas. Especially, some of the 3 BHK apartments for sale in Chennai do offer a palatial area in the top floors which come along with a vivid view. Setting up a dining table for a couple romantic dinners could be one of the most exciting ideas to make this balcony area use it to the fullest. Opt for cozy seating that brings close the persons and light up this place with fairy lights to complete the candlelit setup. If not make use of the colourful lanterns that can, even more, add up to the beautiful setup.

Indoors out

This is that time of the year when sitting by the side of the balcony and sipping coffee with your loved ones and having a good read of your favourite book would an ideal evening time. Bring this activity out from the closed walls of inside your unit and arrange for this by setting up small reading area. This can include a comfortable sitting space and a small library area which is present right inside the bedroom for easy access. With the help of proper lighting, this could your ideal area to spend the best of a weekend evening without any fuss.

Waking up to witness the breezy air from the greenery area of your own tiny garden space would always be special. Other than serving as a beautiful decor space, having to live amidst the concrete jungle these spaces are the only way that one can enjoy the freshness of nature. Do make effective use of such places to have the refreshing ambience without spending much. Kindly check out our blog on Making a Luxurious Lounge Area At Home.


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